132kv Underground cable drum shifting for cable laying works, cable was shifting from Amin bazaar store yard under PGCB


132 kV Cable Drum shifting at side for underground cable line works, cable was carried  from our store yard.


132 kv cable drum opened for Pulling in Cantonment 132/33kv GIS sub-station area.



Equipments storage


132KV Cable pulling at Old airport 2130/132/33 kv GIS sub-station to Sathmosjit 132/33kv sub-station. Cable was pulling in Agargaon Area by whinge machine.


132kv Underground cable laying works under PGCB from Cantonment 132/33 kv GIS sub-station to Old airport 230/132/33kv GIS sub-station.


132kv XLPE Cable jointing works is going on under PGCB, at Cantoment 132/33kv GIS sub-station to Old airport 230/132/33KV GIS sub-station line area.